Méline's Chicken Wings

500g chicken wings

60g Méline’s Chilli sauce

40g Méline’s Chinese sauce

100g Onions cut into circles

2 cloves of garlic

25ml sesame oil

10g sesame seeds

2 pinches salt

This recipe is really simple but tasty.

You can marinate the chicken wings up to a day in advance ready for when you would like to cook them, or you can even make a double or a triple batch and then freeze them down in small food bags too.


To start, peel and slice the onion into fine circles ( tip: pick small onions so that you get nice little circles), peel and finally chop the garlic.

Place the chicken wings into a baking dish, add the other ingredients, mix it all together well, massage it into the chicken wings.

Cover and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 20mins but you can leave this up to a 24h but about 6 is perfect.

Take the marinated wings out of the fridge, if already in a backing dish great, if not place them into one, cover with tin foil and then place in a preheated oven at 180°c.

Cook for 20-30 mins, and then take the foil off continue to cook for another 15-20 mins stirring every 5 minutes or golden brown.

You are now ready to serve, I like to add a little chopped coriander on top, and have a little side dish of natural yogurt to dip them into. However, this is completely up to you,


Please let me know in the comment section if I can make the recipe better, if some parts were unclear or if it was just really tasty, thank you. 🙏

If you have any queries or any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. thomas@chef-middleton.com

I would be happy to help,


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