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The Green Sichuan pepper is more citrusy than the red, a very unique flavour.


Sichuan pepper has a remarkable flavour unlike any that I have tasted before,


It starts with an aromatic citrus flavour that is sharply followed by a strong peppery taste which then develops into an unusual numbing sensation.


This pepper is the secret ingredient of Sichuan cuisine, a largely unknown pepper in Europe, having said that people are now starting to discover this pepper as well as use it in their cooking. 


This pepper will really excite your home cooking and make it very special.


Be careful it is very strong so please add just a little.





Customer Review

"Just thought I'd give you an update on my experience with one of your products since we first met at Blenheim food festival 2 years ago

Short and simple it's the best thing in my fridge and Is as much of a necessity as salt and pepper.


I use it all the time and can't get enough.

Every opportunity I get I try and spread the word as you guys deserve all the recognition you can get for creating such an amazing product.

Thank you and keep it up"


Kyle Peacock



Customer Review

"Just feel the need to let you know that your chilli sauce is hands down the best I have ever tasted! Years ago in San Francisco, I went to The China Moon cafe owned by the late Barbara Tropp and had the most amazing meal. She made a chilli oil which reminds me of yours but I think yours even pips it.!


Congratulations, I will make sure I have a steady supply and will tell all my friends who like their Asian food to pack a punch! "


Diane Zetterström 


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Green Sichuan Peppercorns

  • "Best Sichuan Cuisine Sauce & Condiments  Company" - UK Food & Drink Awards 2020,  hosted by "LUX Life"


    "Condiments Company of the Year 2020" - Food and Drink Matters

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