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This gift set is for those who love Sichuan flavours and chillies from that amazing part of China, the ultimate Sichuan gift set.

Contents: 2x Chilli Sauce, 1x Sichuan Chilli Oil, 1x Organic Mulled Wine Spices With An Asian Twist.


Chilli Sauce 

A sauce directly inspired by the power and variety of the spicy charms of Sichuan.

A sauce that offers a complex flavour over a very long time ... First, an aromatic favour of garlic, ginger, onion and sesame that continues with notes of cinnamon, star anise, coriander and cloves, providing a spicy warmth. Sichuan pepper in the front mouth with chillies in the back mouth ... A deep heat unfolds for 40 to 50 seconds. It's not an aggressive heat, but the sensation of a marriage of spices, at once sweet, poignant and generous.



Sichuan Chilli Oil

Our new Sichaun oil is completely unlike anything you have tried before, it has a fantastic aromatic and slightly citrusy flavour that