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Méline's Sauce Bio

This sauce owes its name to Meiling LIU. Co-founder. 


We were looking for a name that sounded right, a nod to the spirit of the brand, subtle, sweet and as happy as the character of the co-founder, the desire to perpetuate it, the story of her family, there cooking that produce such incredible flavours from a central region of China.

Sichuan, where there is the widest variety of unique peppers and flavours that are the most popular within China.

Meline is naturally elegant, mischievous and lively. Through her personality, she tells us passionately about her philosophy and the strength that drives her. 




Chinese Sauce

A voyage of flavour

  • apple

  • tomato

  • onion

  • ginger

  • garlic

  • Sichuan peppercorns

  • cane sugar

  • sea ​​salt

  • sesame puree

  • cinnamon sticks

  • coriander seeds

  • spice mixes.ect



We have made sauces for people who love spicy products and new flavours. We have made spicy sauces of quality that can offer both a real sensation and unmistakable flavour.


We have developed a new product for which we have chosen the best quality ingredients from traditional recipes, blended in a modern way. 


We directly buy our chillies and peppercorns from China, in provinces that do not use chemical treatments to grow their plantations.


We have developed two recipes specially designed to preserve the perception of flavour and meet the expectations of connoisseurs.

A fine, subtle and ever so slightly sweet sauce, another with a stronger more complex chilli flavour


  Why this sauce is exceptional


Creamy, rich, gourmet and colourful, MELINE'S organic sauce is a real treat for the taste buds!

Made with exceptional ingredients, it is pungent and fragrant thanks to a clever choice of spices, herbs and vegetables ...


These sauces marry deliciously with the great classics of beef, chicken, fish and vegetables, but also with the culinary tendencies of contemporary and classic familiar aperitifs:


Burger, Fish & Chips, Tortillas, Nachos, Shrimp Fritters ...

This is the perfect condiment to bring spicy and fresh notes to your dishes and appetizers!


 Our Commitments

Gluten Free
Health Benefits 


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